Hubitat Elevation newest, WiFi and power outages

My new hub is now connected by WiFi. I have two questions: If we have a power outages will my hub be able to automatically reconnect with my router when the router reboots as other devices do?
If my router maintains power on the back battery (short outage) but the hub looses power, will the hub reboot and reconnect with the router when the power returns?

Addendum: I believe that I may have resolved this by creating a static lease. I had an actual outage after I posted my original question and, no without the adjustment I made, if connected through WiFi, the hub restarted but was unable to reconnect to the router. I'm pretty sure that people living in some rural areas know how much of an issue this can be.

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It should. But you can up the auto reconnect time to 30 seconds from 300...

Are there any possible negative effects from doing this?

None that I've ever seen.


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