Hubitat Elevation in Poland


Hi Guys

Just wondering how many of us are the lucky owners of HE in Poland.
I know of about 15 guys.
Should we have a FB group or perhaps stick to community here?
What are your thoughts on HE?


Stay here! The more, the better! Besides, Google translate works wonders now a days. :wink:


IMHO this community is the greatest place for anyone using HE :slight_smile:


We need more Europeans here to share deals on devices too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to know where you're from. Someone suggested a country flag badge. I like the idea, but don't know if Discourse supports it.

Maybe you can ship product to the Australians :wink:. They have it rough there (other than living in near paradise). Such expensive smart home products and a really limited selection.


'We need more Europeans here to share deals on devices too'
This is a hell of a reason :wink:


In Europe we do not believe Australians have anything limited. How come?


How come you believe that? I don't know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I actually feel bad when someone says they are in Australia and can't get [cool product] and Canadians have to pay twice what we in the US have to pay.

*ducking LOL


It's not that bad. Canadians often exaggerate their plight. It's often a bit more, but if you're one of the Canadian branches, and you have to import a California sized order, with much less dense city centers, and then ship product across an area bigger than the US, you can't forecast low and then lose your shirt when the exchange jumps up and down. Your job would be short lived. I get that, but I guess a lot of people don't.

Not getting all the cool stuff is my issue! And that Lowe's US sale I had no access to damn near killed me! :wink:


Yeah Guys.. So how many of you are Polish?


If my nickname is "wariat", does it count?

/not Polish, just a lot of Polish friends


Czech! Not Polish, but I got to experience it for 3 weeks a while back and even picked up a bit of your (very difficult) language. Beautiful country! :slight_smile: Welcome to the community.


I'm Polish but born in Australia.
Best of both worlds :slight_smile:


I'm half polish (on my mother's side), but born and raised in the US. That should count. :slight_smile:


I've also been to Lodz many, many times, so almost half Polish :slight_smile:


If you’re born in Australia, aren’t you Australian ??
Just asking, as a kiwi living in Stray-yah


Of course it counts :smiley:


If you've been to Lodz and visited Piotrkowska street then you are at least 66% Polish :rofl:


Practically same street, Grand Hotel :smiley: