Hubitat elevation device status missing , please bring it back

I realize the device status was removed due to some users misinterpreting its meaning. I do not believe that is fair to all the users who would just like a quick glance into whether the device is active or not especially when troubleshooting problematic we have to dig into the device and then dig into the logs wasting a lot of time and when you have a lot of devices like over a hundred it's really a pain in the neck.
Or if the terms active and inactive seem to be confusing then we can just utilize a last date and time of message sent by the device to indicate status and label as such:
"Last Msg"
I realize Mike said it was inaccurate, but if it was the last time a message was received, I don't know how that would be inaccurate

Does this not already exist in the form of the "Last Activity" column on the "Devices" page?

You do not need to do that, as I mentioned above again and also in a reply to your other post on this same topic in a different thread.


Try this, you can generate a "last activity" report for all your devices on demand and have it sent as a push notification.


Thanks, but try using that on your phone, lots of scrolling back and forth and trying to keep your eyes on the same row.
In any event it would be nice if users were given a choice of which features stay or go, or even better some switch options, activate or deactivate, rather than being told what we prefer.

Thank you loaded that but I think it might be slowing down my hub or I have other issues, need more research

Actually it was removed because it was generally misleading, and very inconsistent across different types of devices. Some people thought it meant something about device health, which was never the case. Can't very well present a "device status" as meaningful information when in general, it was not.

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