Hubitat Elevation a TechHive review [Media]

"The Hubitat Elevation C7 is a powerful device capable of controlling a broad array of smart home devices, and its independence of an internet connection means it can control your smart home even when your broadband connection goes down." - TechHive

For a complete review, check out this article:


Nice review. I wish there was a way to leave comments or feedback. I liked the reference to "an enthusiastic online community." I do get their comment about a steep learning curve and "needed to install extra apps even for such basic tasks" but it's not like you have to go download them from the web or something. "Install" might be better described as "add from a menu of pre-installed apps."

I wonder what % of HE users never use RM...


They missed the fact that it can use an external WiFi adapter instead of a lan connection but otherwise seems fair..


I really am not sure why RM is not installed by default. If there IS anyone that does not use it, I doubt having it installed would hurt performance.

Thanks for pointing out the review. It bothers me a lot when I look at smart home stuff or devices and do not see Hubitat listed... I usually contact the site/company. But often if your name is not Amazon, SmartThings, or Google... It appears people do not care.

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The Hubitat Elevation works with most of the major smart home platforms, from Zigbee and Z-Wave to just about any Wi-Fi device that can be operated by Alexa or Google Home Assistant voice control.

Seems like they got this part backwards. Hubitat does work with a variety of Wi-Fi devices, but the Alexa and Google Home integrations (apps) are Hubitat-to-Alexa or Hubitat-to-Google, not the other way around--compatibility with one of those does not imply Hubitat compatibility, at least not natively.

Also, quite unfortunate that the first device he paired was a Zigbee bulb... :rofl: But otherwise a nice review! There are always a few things that aren't quite right with these, but this one isn't worse than others I've seen. Haha.


I'm a member of the Lexus advisory board. In one of their surveys they asked questions about HA. i was surprised to see Hubitat listed in one of the questions along with the usual suspects.

I have been setting up a new C-7 lately. During that exercise and just general use of my other hubs it is quite noticeable that there has been a real focus on features to improve the new user experience and assist in regular admin activities, including tweaks to device creation, prompts to take a backup and prompts to install common apps, just to name a few ...


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Started with Smartthings four years ago, and learned Webcore. Started using HE a year ago and transferred all my pistons over. I've tried navigating RM's menus a few times, but haven't even gotten basic stuff to work. (This is not RM's fault... I'm just not used to the workflow, and I'm much faster in WC.)

But your question would make for an interesting survey.

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I think RM is great for the general consumer. Especially the "lite" versions.. covers a large bit of what people want to do and quite painlessly. If you want to start adding more sophistication the full RM is there but definitely requires some additional learning / practice (this awesome community def helps).

I could go either way, full RM or external rule controller like NR. LOVED the WebCoRE ui under SmartThings and for a bit with HE. Ultimately for me if I am going to use the hub for optimal processing then I would likely stick with RM or roll my own rules via custom apps. Generally speaking I'm not sure it's even possible for WC to be as efficient as RM..


I think, to be fair, Hubitat have maintained that the platform in general is one that is still in development, taking input from users on improvements that will improve their experience. None of that trumps your own experience, it simply provides comfort that your experience is front of mind for Hubitat staff, if you choose to engage in sharing your experience, like you have here. So while Samsung may have aligned with your way of thinking, Hubitat are ....

That sounds too much like I am on the payroll.... :slight_smile: In the end, give it time, you've got similarly minded people developing RM, so there's a good chance you'll get what you need in the end, just give it time.


Oh, I'm not putting down RM at all....but I'm very happy with WC, and have little reason to change. :slight_smile:


I would consider looking into running your own local WC UI server if possible. That way if the winds change direction over at "" you will have some measure of protection/future-proofing.

Note: I'm not suggesting that the Cloud service is going away anytime soon but there is a measure of uncertainty about the future if you read through the forums.