Hubitat Discord Channel

While playing catch up on un-read threads yesterday, I came across a comment where someone asked for someone to set up a discord channel. How much interest is there in something like that?

What is a discord channel?


Judging by the generally tepid responses in prior threads, it sounds like the answer is “not that much.”


Discord started off as a Gaming chat program, but has broadened out in scope recently. I use it for a couple other things, so it really woulnt be that hard to set it up.

I've only seen on the one comment, that is why I wanted to gauge if it was something that was wanted. This community is great for helping people out, and I wouldn't want to distract from that.
The biggest REAL advantage I can see would be for someone to possibly get help with something a little faster vs. posting in the the forums and waiting for someone to respond back, assuming they are in or monitoring discord to begin with .

Ok, that's why it rings a bell, I have seen it in the Logitech or Steel Series software I have installed... never used it myself... Perhaps there are other platforms that may be better suited, if Discord is only for chatting. Screen sharing would be something that would certainly help immensely when trying to troubleshoot support type issues, not sure if Discord could provide that or not...

But I do agree a slightly more interactive or timely interaction would be an improvement on what Discourse can provide, as good as it is...

+1 for Discord

From what I can recall, it’s come up in a couple threads, but there didn’t appear to be a ton of interest each time.


You can also share small files, images, videos, links etc.. I think screen snips would probably be ok. If you pay (which I'm typically not inclined to do) you can share bigger files. Truth be told I've been using it for a while and I haven't come across TO much that doesn't work. usually its been videos and large PDF files that give me issues.

Niagara launcher (for android) has a fairly active discord server. I'm noticing there seems to be more and more small developers using it. Microsoft was recently in talks to buy it, but I guess those talks fell apart, and now discord is looking to go public.

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A while ago I shared screens via some desktop sharing option within Chrome (I was the recipient, not the one sharing), which seemed to work well, so a chatting / voice option to go with that could work well...

As someone with a demanding day job and small children, a more interactive platform does not appeal to me. One of the reasons I really like these forums is because I can catch up on the topics in my RSS reader on my own time. I don't know much about discord, but if there isn't a way to catch up on the days events after the fact, I would not be able to participate.


Who has time to sit in a chat room all day apart from kids?


Me too.

Threads here can progress in real-time for those that are able to participate, but it’s also possible to catch up retroactively.


Nailed it in one. The Hubitat Discourse forum is more than adequate for my needs. I can even catch up on topics a week or two later.


Obviously I don't care if someone wants to set up a discord channel - free country and all that. That said I won't be on it for the same reasons as others mentioned.