Hubitat Dashboard vs. EZ vs. Mobile App

I'm finding interesting pluses and minuses between the Classic, EZ and Room dashboards.

I like that by assigning a device to a room means it will be there in that room when I open it with the Beta app ("duh" I guess. :-)). But there doesn't seem to be a way to rearrange them and there is no slider for the dimmers, etc.

The Classic has that couple of second pause while loading, but does have the dimmer slider right on the main icon:

I prefere the look of the EZ dashboard and love how responsive the EZ dashboard is, but I don't like having to hit the 3 dots to adjust the dimmer. I understand some like this to make it more compact. Ideally, we could have a toggle for each dimmer/color bulb to have the slider on the front icon or not.

Also, for some reason I can't turn my Inovelli light strip on/off from the EZ dashboard (see red frown face) but I can from the Classic dashboard, That is a bug that needs to be fixed and I'm running,

Thanks for your feedback. There is a lot to unpack in your post.

Let's start with first screenshot. That is the Devices tab in the Mobile App. It doesn't have drag and drop functionality, and you can't arrange or sort devices. Perhaps in the long run more settings will be added to the Devices tab, but at launch you will only be able to hide/unhide the group of devices with no rooms and collapse/expand the rooms.

If you select the dimmer you will see the slider.

Slider requires more space. You could make the tile bigger to always display the slider.

If you click the 3 dots, it will tell you what states are missing. Be sure that your driver provides the states required for a light strip.

It says it is missing the color temperature. But the same device works in the Classic dashboard and on the Devices tab in the app.

It makes sense not to have a color temperature set here as I want to turn it in and off to whatever was the last set color - which it does in the other 2.

That is still how the device would work; it will turn on to the last color if in RGB mode or color temperature if in CT mode. The driver sounds like it needs to be updated to report values for the missing attributes, or if the driver is OK but never fetched or set initial values for these, a Refresh or a "Set Color Temperature" once (you can set it back to whatever you want after that) might also work.

I see there is a place to put in a Color Temperature, but I have no idea what the setting should be (and if I set it, would that effect whatever the last setting was?).

"Set Color Temperature" is just a command you can call like "Set Color" or "Set Level." It only affects the light until you run a different command that changes something, just like these other commands. You can play around without really hurting anything.

The color temperature units are Kelvin, and warm white lights are around 3000 K. So if you want something reasonable to start with, I'd put "3000" in as the color temperature, run the command, see if that does what you need for the populated attributes (Current States) -- and then you can set it back to whatever color you want with no lasting effect. :slight_smile:


I tired setting it to 3000, I put in the value and clicked Save Preferences but when my screen refreshes the setting disappears.

I also tried clicking the Set Color Temperature button 1st but with the same results. Likewise, I tried to fill in the other values and tried both just clicking Save Preferences and trying to fill them in, clicking Set Color Temperature and then clicking the Save Preferences and they all end up the same - the Color temperature disappears.

This is a command, not a preference. Just like other commands, including "Set Color" or "Set Level," you click the command/button itself to run the command.

And like other commands, the value of any parameters you have put in to run the command one time will again be blank on a reload of the page, ready to put in other values if needed -- there is nothing to "save."


I finally got that working. Thanks!

In one big sense I really wouldn't need to have a "main" dashboard with the rooms nested in it if I could hide the classic dashboards in the Easy Dashboard app. As is, it shows both together. I couldn't see a way to show just show the Easy Ones which seems a bit counter intuitive to me as the app is called Easy Dashboard and we still have the Hubitat Dashboard app that only shows the classic dashboards.

If I delete a classic dashboard from the Easy Dashboard app does it delete it everywhere or just from the Easy Dashboard?

This will remove it everywhere.

:frowning: So is there a way to hide the classic dashboards in the Easy app?

Not that I am aware of.

Currently, the Mobile App is using the Hubitat Dashboard and the Easy Dasboard links have been added so the users can access them on mobile devices. Hiding/removing the Hubitat Dashboard means no dashboard will be available in the Mobile App. Eventually full Easy Dashboard integration will come to the mobile app, but that development has not started, so full integration may not come for some time.

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Got it in the meantime can they make a room that can hold other dashboards like the classic app or activate the Easy Nav button again for the mobile app, but make it scrollable, so we can get to any number of dashboards?

I am not sure what you mean by this, mind elaborating?

As you know, nav is not possible for the cloud.

Probably link tiles will help with this use case. They are on the list of most requested tiles and will be added in the future. I just don't have a time frame when it will happen.