Hubitat Dashboard no longer listed in apps

I'm on with a C7 on Windows 10 and Chrome

These problems came up after a standard reboot yesterday.

Tonight I noticed my Hubitat Dashboard app is no longer listed in the apps list.
I reinstalled it and I was able to add the device to my dashboard, but Hubitat Dashboard is still missing from my app list.

Then it became apparent that many of my apps are missing. So I did a backup to my PC, soft reset and backup restore. Still missing:
Hubitat Dashboard
Amazon Echo Skill
Hubitat Safety Monitor
Custom Device Note
File Manager Backup/Restore
Hubitat Package Manager
Maker API
Mode Manager


I'm thinking this is a chrome issue. My Android tablets have all my apps listed....

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I've seen something like this before. Check you don't have a filter applied in the top-right of the apps page


I can't believe it , there was a '-' in my search input box! How dumb of me. Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for your post which did lead me to the problem. :+1:t2:

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