Hubitat Dashboard App for Amazon Echo or dedicated Dashbord tablet

Is there a Hubitat app for the Amazon Echo Show? I plan to get an Echo Show 10 and it would be lovely to be able to have the Dashboard loaded on it. It would save us from having to buy button switches..i just hate the idea of button switches..

Alternatively, Hubitat could make an inexpensive dedicated tablet-like device to mount on the wall which has the sole purpose of presenting the Dashboard..

Using the app on the phone and the computer is not always very practical..

Not sure what would be possible on the Echo Show, but I would say a reasonable number of users have mounted standard tablets that display either a standard browser with a HE dashboard, some variety of "kiosk" third-party app or third-party dashboard app hooked into their HE system. Personally I just have a very old tablet running Chrome to display my dashboard in my kitchen, mounted on the side of my fridge. Power is not the most elegant solution, with a cable draped around the back of the fridge...

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..buying a brand new place and will kit out my Home Automation with HE so not excited about getting an old tablet to use for this purpose.

I'd pay $70 for a low-profile customized device for this use..

Can you point me in the direction of any of the related threads?

I can't say I have read the thread closely, but would expect this is a good place to start...

You may also be interested in this Community developed Android App:

Other stuff more generally worth looking up, here and on the web in general, would be Fully Kiosk and perhaps even DAKBoard. Again, I haven't used these myself, but there are definitely others here that do, particularly Fully Kiosk.

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Its an Echo. Why not just ask Alexa to turn the lights on/off/whatever? :thinking:

My initial plans were to have several tablet-based dashboards around the house, but Voice command via Echo/Alexa is what everybody in the house prefers and dashboards hardly get used now

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It’s hard to beat an Amazon Fire tablet running Fully Kiosk. My tablet of choice is a Fire HD 10. I am just using Hubitat dashboards right now. I will probably use Smartly to dress them up eventually.

Here it is installed.

My wife really likes it. In fact she pushed me to get it done.


An Amazon Fire tablet also has the advantage that it can double up as an Alexa device, for less than an Echo device.

Anything is possible, but there’s nothing to suggest they would ever do this.

If you use the Hubitat Alexa skill, it’s possible to turn lights on and off with an echo show device by using the touch screen.



I really like that!! It looks great and professional!! Wow!

Can you tell me of all of the components you used to build that and the source?

Thanks in advance..

I already control all devices in my house with Alexa but we have to appreciate that not everyone wants to have to rely on Alexa to do everything..

Also, it's not always convenient to use Alexa i.e. when the Internet is down; when you have a social event at your home and folks are talking and music is playing in the background.. I can go on..

this is an interesting approach..I will look into this..


This thread has a ton of dashboard ideas, including some discussion of hardware and mounting:

thanks very interesting thread..

Thank you for the compliment @hotarobin. What you couldn't see is the outlet I mounted behind the tablet to charge it.

Here is the list of primary parts I used:

  • 3 in. x 2 in. x 2-1/2 in. 1-gang electrical box
  • Eaton RF9605 Z-wave outlet (Lowes)
  • UGREEN USB C Cable 2 Packs Type C Cable 18W Fast Charging USB A to USB C Cable Right Angle
  • Carlon 2-Gang Low-Voltage Mounting Bracket
  • Brush Wall Plate
  • Combination Decorator/Blank wall plate
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
  • VidaMount On-Wall Tablet Mount - Amazon Fire HD10 7th/9th Gen - White (2017-2019)

Here is a link to the wall mount.

Yes, it is expensive, but it mounts easy, holds the tablet securely, and looks great. I looked at the others I found on Amazon and elsewhere. There were 3D printed and looked like it. Really rough. I strained over the cost for several weeks (months?). I finally succumed to making sure my SAF was as high as possible. It was a great choice. Very high SAF.

The right angle cable is another place you can get in trouble if you aren't careful. A lot of the right angle USB C cables I found are specifically for charging laptops. They have special circuitry in them to ensure the source is providing sufficinet wattage (based on voltage) to charge the laptop.These won't work at 12 V and below. Look for one that is for charging a cell phone. Here is a link to the one I used.

I used the Eaton Z-wave outlet because I have chosen to use all Eaton Z-wave dimmers and switches. I bought this from Lowes (or was it Ebay? :thinking: )We all like the UI of the Eaton devices. You can use what ever you have chosen either Zigbee or Z-wave. The improtant part is to power the charger from a controllable outlet so you can create a rule to turn the charger off periodically so the tablet battery doesn't get over charged. Over charging will reduce the battery life. This is important because you may choose to use it as a general purpose tablet again.

The remaining items plus miscellaneous wire and screws I bought at Home Depot.

Here are some more picture of the installation.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


wow thanks for that comprehensive response...very much appreciated!!

Because of your and other responses on this thread, I went from concept to pre-production in less than 24 hrs. I remembered that I have a Fire HD 7 which I hardly ever used..I was able to install the Hubitat Dashboard app and not, just like you, I am scratching my head about that VidaMount :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

..but I really want a finish like yours so I will bite the bullet and go with it.

That is useful info on the power aspect. In my research, I saw that most folks used outlets with USB ports to power their devices but I prefer the smart outlet option you used and will also go that route as well.

Once again thanks much!!


Exactly the reason I enjoy this forum so much. Although I have not had much experience in many other similar forums in order to compare, my experience here has been entirely positive with regards to finding solutions to my problems or desires to expand my HA setup. Great to hear you have had a similar experience @hotarobin, and :+1: to @wayne.pirtle and others who helped @hotarobin.

I would encourage others to share the details of their setup for others to learn from and potentially copy. It can also prompt useful discussion amongst other Community members, it doesn't always need to be sparked by those with a question...


I have four Amazon fire 8 inch tablets that are about to go into service running HE. I have chosen a slightly different approach to powering mine.
I am feeding them with POE to a 5 volt converter. My POE source is a managed switch with switchable POE.
Rather than rooting my tablets I will simply write a rule that will shut off the POE to them periodically and prevent the batteries from overcharging.
While this is not a feedback scenario, it will serve the purpose for the interim. Later I will put software on the tablets that monitors the state of charge and hold it at the 45% level where lithium batteries are most happy.
Finally, I am very impressed with this installation. I haven't looked at Eaton switches but I will now. Might use them in other applications.
Thanks for posting.

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One quick question is what charger are you using?

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