Hubitat - Crashes on reboot sometimes

Why is Hubitat so easily able to crash and revert to an old backup upon reboot.

This has happened multiple times this week.

Marked as [Need Information]...

Hub firmware version, model? Logs? How do you know it's crashing?

  • Latest version.
  • C5
  • No log info
    Crashes as I watch the startup percent bad and then reboots in the middle of it and boots up using an old backup. I know this because any changes I made after the backup are lost.

"Latest version" isn't a version. Have you opened a support ticket? They may be able to check logs for you.

Does the hub have internet? There was a bug in the second to last hub firmware ( maybe) that caused crashes when the hub was disconnected from internet.

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Yes it has internet

Open a support ticket and please be more willing with them to give information than you were here. :thumb_up:

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exactly the same issue here,,still doing it on version So these days i backup image before reboot, then if it comes up with old image i restore and then it works properly.

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