Hubitat compatible wired module

Is there a module (compatible with Hubitat) which we can fit on the back of the switches and sockets and what would be the slimmest option? Based out of the UK. We are doing a complete rewire with a 3 wire system and 50 mm deep pattress boxes.

Something like a Fibaro which can be fitted to the back of the sockets and switches. Not sure if Fibaro would work with Hubitat or not?

Fibaros work but there has been issues with them in the past. I think these have been resolved though by using 'users' drivers.
There are a number of threads around Fibaro devices and this is where you will find these drivers.
Check your light switches though as being in the UK there may not be a neutral wire. They could use a switched live. That's how mine are. If so, you will need the non-neutral device.
You could fit them in the ceiling rose (assuming it is big enough) where there is definitely a neutral and the depth of your pattress boxes would not be an issue.
Personally I now go for Qubino devices. I'm not sure if Qubino do non-neutral units.

Thank you. We will have neutrals to all our switches. Will check out Qubino too.

Check the depth of your back boxes, all these modules are designed for European style

@djashones - All the back boxes are at 50 mm deep.

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@bobbles - Just looked at Qubino via Amazon...Would these work in the UK and would it work out of the box with Hubitat? Or would we need any drivers? Thanks for your guidance!

This is what I am using and all are using an HE 'built-in' driver.
I've not had any issues with any of them.

@bobbles - Thanks for the confirmation. So am I right in my thinking that we could fit these modules to sockets like these -

And then use Hubitat to control those sockets?

I am not using any to control 13A outlets.
You will have to look at the spec of the modules to see what Amperage they can work to.
You will also need to work out the depth of these outlets and how much room you will have available in the pattress box for fitting the module AND the wiring.
I'm not going to say you can or you cannot use these devices in your situation in case things don't work out. I would hate you to buy these and they don't work as you want. Sorry...........

Definitely check the amperage that the relays can handle and also the individual wire gauge as these units are really designed for lighting circuits rather than a UK ring main...also if you do use these modules in might be an idea to get unswitched sockets as if you have 2 means of switching the socket you may cause confusion on what is on and off ....just a suggestion.

I have the same switches, but I wouldn't try and make them smart from behind, I have a few smart plugs that just plug into the socket before device. Sure it's not as elegant but for high current devices I think it's safer. Otherwise you'll need to find some smart outlets, there are a few threads on here with some random ones from Amazon but I don't think I'd trust them.

Anything you find on sites like would work out of the box with Hubitat, and adding a custom driver just enhances them. I've got 12 or so different Fibaros around the house and think they work really well for lighting control (using the same style of BG switches as your sockets).

As others have said most of these modules will handle a few Amps max not 13 A or 26A if you're using both sockets to there max. The other thing to note is your looking at metal front plate, if you did find a smart insert that ran the higher load you would NEED to make sure the back box was a 47mm fast fix plastic box. For them Rexel Senet own brand (which is made by click scolmore) seem to be the better ones for different wall types. The other issue would be that you would turn the both of them ON/OFF rather than individual socket control.

You other options are as above with plug in sockets, I can see why people don't like this. Or the only smart ZigBee sockets that I can find and have my self is the aurora AONE sockets. These are supported by hubitat, but I would recommend getting their hub as well to update their firmware. They are not cheap though but because of the above they are plastic.

If you went for them I would try and contact them directly to get a better price on bulk.

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