Hubitat Compatible Cylindrical (Tubular) Smart Bulb?

Does anyone know if there’s a Hubitat compatible bulb that’s E26 shape and also tunable white? I’m trying to replace this old LED.

E26 is the label for the base.. an "Edison Medium Screw Base"

Bulb shape is probably "Tubular" but I see at least 3 "T" shapes. I've never seen that shape as an option for "Smart" bulbs. But if E26 is really what you need then there are plenty of A19 shaped bulbs with the E26 base to be found. But I suspect it's the shape (T) you are requiring. :slight_smile:

Scroll to the bottom and see if the T10 isn't the closest match.


thanks for posting that link @csteele - I was struggling with a bulb in my car - trying to find an LED replacement for an old bulb and fought it some - that post very interesting!

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I used these in a curio cabinet in place of that style of incandescent bulb.
Tight fit but they work fine.
sengled e26 tunable

Which driver are you using for these?

The built-in Sengled Element Plus driver.
Only quibble with these bulbs is dim isn't quite as dim as some of my other bulbs.