Hubitat c8 unresponsive

My c8 hub becomes unresponsive daily
When this happens it cannot be access via my ip address. The routines in my apps stop working and I have to unplug it
When it reboots everything works fine
Yes it is also set up to reboot at 2am
Please help

What is the hub’s LED color when this happens?

It is green

If your hub is connected via ethernet, I would recommend ensuring that no device on your LAN is using jumbo ethernet frames. These are known to knock the hub’s network interface offline.

One way to safeguard against JF is to put the hub on an unmanaged 100 Mbps switch.

Btw, frequent or scheduled reboots should be unnecessary. I only reboot my hubs for platform updates.


As indicated in another post - I have also had my C-8 unresponsive every 7-10 days consistently. I have put a Kasa outlet stitch to reboot (if I am remote) - which resolve this issue. Question for @aaiyar. For your great suggested solution - can I put my C-8 on a dedicated/separate unmanaged gigabit switch connected to the switch it is no on and get past the known JF issues?

No, use an older fast ethernet (100 Mbps) switch.

Like this one:

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Thanks for the quick response. Will give it try.

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I am also having this issue with several hubs. Combination of connected via WiFi or Ethernet. I even installed an app on the hubs and have it reboot the hub nightly but occasionally the hub will just go unresponsive until it is unplugged and plugged back in. Looking at the logs, they just stop for that "dead period" and then pick back up once it's restarted.

Has anyone else had this issue and/or solved it?