Hubitat C8 issues with Xiaomi Aqara

Hi everyone, new Hubitat user here - moving from home-assistant.

I have just gotten my C8 and try to add my Xiaomi aqara sensors to the hub. I have previously used these sensors on zigbee2mqtt with home-assistant and the sonoff zigbee stick - no issues - and are stable.

On the C8, I am able to add the temperature sensors (tried 2 so far and both works) but the vibration sensor DJT11LM and the contact sensor MCCGQ01LM and the wireless round button switch WXKG01LM are having issues - the hub detected them - and they went through initializing but never completed.

My hub platform version is and my zigbee channel is 23 with power level 8.

I have installed the driver code from waytotheweb.

I have also installed the one from veeceeoh (for the Vibration sensor) just to try.

But I still couldnt get these devices to pair.

Do I need to get the Ikea Tradfri repeater for the pairing to work? I dont have one but I could get one if that helps.

Looking for ideas.