Hubitat C7 Zigbee Network Offline


I am trying to get support on my C7. The Zigbee network is offline. I had an open issue that didn't get resolved, because I didn't respond to BobbyD. Sorry Bobby!

There are only 2 Z-Wave switches on this "garage" hub and I have it meshed to my other C7 which has my other zigbee devices. However, I now need to get the zigbee network running on my "garage" hub.

How do I do a hard reset on the hub? I see a soft reset option on the diagnostic UI, but not a hard reset to blow away previous zwave and zigbee configurations. I think there is a glitch from when I moved houses on this hub and deleted devices.

There's a Reset option on each Radio....

Settings then ZWave Details or Zigbee Details will reveal:

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 9.32.26 AM

Do it for Zigbee (shown) then for ZWave if needed, followed by a Soft Reset in the Diagnostic Menu to remove all the customizations you added after registering the hub originally.

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No worries, you came to the right place now...

Please follow @csteele advice, but note that if Zigbee remains offline, you will not be able to reset the radio. You need the radio to be online in order to successfully reset it.


Thanks @bobbyD @csteele. I did the soft reset and then the zigbee reset, but now I have a spinning wheel.

  1. Zigbee Reset
  2. Soft Reset
  3. Setup

Now stuck at spinning wheel.

That's odd place to have a spinning wheel. Try refreshing the browser.

I know right.

I did everything in fresh incognito browsers and it stuck there even after reboots.

I did a soft reset again, still had the spinning wheel, then did a safe mode boot, followed by a soft reset and a reboot. I ended up with a new config screen.

It looks like it is back up now, just waiting to see if the ZigBee radio holds.

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3 days later and the Zigbee radio hasn't died, so I think it is fixed.