Hubitat C7 DOA

I received a Hubitat on 10/4, Plugged it in no light, tried a second power supply no light. Checked the logs on the DHCP server it was assigned an IP, tried to ping it nothing, Tried a port scanner, nothing. Powered it down waited over night plugged it back in no further entries in the DHCP logs.

Tried emailing support nothing, tried a warranty request nothing. Trying here.

You need to go to and click warranty. When you sent in your support request via email it should have responded with directions. @bobbyd will take care of your request

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Hi Paul, we've received your warranty case yesterday at ‪06:59 pm‬ and your case is under review. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.


Rest assured you're an anomaly Paul. I'm sure your issue will get sorted and you'll be up and running soon. If nothing else you will have experienced the support we enjoy from the beginning...

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Quick update. It looks like your hub may have been mishandled by Amazon's fulfillment, as the hub appears to be a previously owned (returned) hub. We've had a few incidents previously, where Amazon resells returned hubs that look as unopened boxes, instead of returning them back to us. A replacement is under way and you will receive an additional email when the hub ships (if you didn't already). We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused to your or your family.


On reflection... perhaps I should clarify... You are not the anomaly Paul.... :slight_smile: Amazon is.... :slight_smile: Nice work Hubitat for sorting this out so quickly...

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@bobbyD Thank you for the reply. I guess I should have started here instead of the other paths. Getting no reply left my wondering what happened.

I did not realize Amazon was even involved since I bought this on your website.

No, you followed the correct path. The fastest way to get a warranty issue resolved, is to open a warranty case at, which you have done. Having the details needed helps expediate the resolution .


Occasionally, we use Amazon fulfilment services to help us deliver orders as fast as 1-day. They guarantee >97% on-time delivery rates at somewhat lower and predictable pricing.

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Do I need to point out the humorous nature of this... :slight_smile:

Delivered on time, dead or alive!


The Princess Bride Laughing GIF by filmeditor

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Perhaps offer shipping option on sales page:
Amazon - Fast but may be DOA
In-house - Slower but working

I have a serious idea too. How about include a bright coloured sticker in the box that says "returned as faulty under warranty" and get the customer to stick it over the box opening, so anyone receiving it later will definitely see they got sent a reject. And maybe Amazon will see it too....

So I got the new unit and it worked no issues.

Thanks @bobbyD

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