Hubitat C5 is not visible on my computer but I can access it thrue my phone

After the last update of hubitat my computer cannot connect to the Hubitat, but I can still access it with the phone app. It's not a change of IP, and I've tried resetting.

What method did you use to verify this? Can you locate your hub if you go to:

Yes, and after selecting clicking on the IP address the page just times out.

If you can access it from one device but not the other, then the problem is not with the hub, but rather with your network. I would make sure that the computer is connected to the same network segment as the hub (or the same as your phone). There is nothing on the hub side that might prevent just one client on your network to access it.

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It sounds like your local IP has changed. If you drop to a dos box and type "ping hubitat" what comes back?

Do you have a DHCP reservation set up to maintain the same IP?

You might try one of the IP address scanner apps.

If you have a Windows computer, try Advanced IP Scanner.

If you have an Android phone, try Network scanner.

If you are on the Apple ecosystem, you will have to search for a scanner.

The scanners search every IP address within your subnet and report back on actively connected devices. I cannot guarantee that the hub will report back as Hubitat. You might need to find the MAC address for the hub on the device label and use that to match the IP address.

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On a Mac, open a Terminal window, do
arp -a

On an iOS device, install Fing and scan for addresses.

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Thank you to everyone, the comments of the changed ip made me look into my IP list and found out that the main computer had shifted from the regular main secure web to the restricted guest one.