Hubitat C5, cannot find any devices AT ALL,

I have a hubitat c5, I got it a couple of years ago, but due to lots of things I have not used it besides from getting it online back then. Now, I have tried to include some z-wave devices (three different fibaro-devices that should be compatible), but I get absolutely no reaction, the inclusion timer just counts down to zero and it says that I might have a problem of some sort. I have checked the inclusion process carefully for each device, so I am positive that I am doing it correctly. I have updated to latest firmware, tried shutting it down andunplugging it for a day, but it just the same problem. Absolutely nothing happens, it is as if I had no devices at all. Is there anythign I can try at this point, or is it just a faulty device? For the moment, I am really disappointed in this unit..

Hello, welcome to the Hubitat forums, sorry to hear you are having problems.

Maybe we can start out with some basic questions.

  • What region are you in (USA, Europe, etc)
  • Is the hub firmware updated? (Settings tab, check for updates)
  • What are the exact models of devices you are trying to pair?
  • Errors in the Logs tab when trying to pair?
  • Are you trying to pair these in-place or how close is the hub to the devices?
  • Were these devices on a different system previously?

Europe (Oslo). Firmware is updated to latest release. The devices are three different fibaro devices; FGPB-101, FGMS-001 ZW5 and smoke sensor (this device is not in list of compatible devices, but the two first are).
Logs look like this:
Z-Wave Discovery Stopped
Z-Wave Discovery Running
Z-Wave Discovery Stopped
Z-Wave Discovery Running
Z-Wave Discovery Stopped
Z-Wave Discovery Running
I have tried to place the devices right next to the hub when pairing.
All devices are new and unusued.

All help would be much appreciated.

Do you have the external USB Zwave dongle plugged in?

The internal zwave radio of the C5 only supports the North American Zwave frequency. However, your C5 would have been provided with an external dongle for zwave along with an adapter that lets the single micro USB port be used for both power and the dongle.

Without the dongle, no European Zwave accessories will pair to the hub.


Oh, wow! I did not know that! I will find the original box and check this out..


Well - I'm glad @neonturbo inquired about your location. The adapter cable will look like this:

I don't know what the USB z-wave dongle for Europe looks like.

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Yeah, found the box, found the dongle, it works. Thanks. Feel a little bit stupid. On the other hand, nowhere in the user manual does it say what that dongle is, and that it has to be used..


I think there is a piece of paper in the package that does. It is separate from the manual.

I have never seen it, but it could of course just have slipped out of the box at some point in time. Anyways, thank you so much for helping out!

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