Hubitat C4 hub (UK spec) - how to use with new Zigbee 3.0 devices?

Hi, I have a Hubitat Elevation C-4 hub (old I know), and would like to use a new Zigbee Motion sensor and some new Zigbee lightbulbs with it. Both are marked as being Zigbee 3.0. The hub sees the motion sensor, but will not read events from it and does not see the lightbulbs.
I will have the original UK spec Zigbee and Z-wave dongles that were supplied with the C4.
Can I assume that I need to replace the Zigbee dongle for a new 3.0 version, and if so what is the recommended unit for use in the UK with the C-4?
Is it worth getting a new Zwave dongle as well? (I don't have any Zwave kit at the moment, but may get some in the future.)

The motion sensor is; SAMOTECH Zigbee Motion Sensor (1-pack SM301Z Zigbee Motion Sensor)

The lightbulbs are; Innr Smart Bulb White B22, Works with Philips Hue*, SmartThings, Alexa & Hey Google (Hub Required), 2700K Warm White, Bayonet, 3-Pack, by 266-3 [Energy Class F]

Many thanks,


Howard Anderson