Hubitat C4 freezes whenever a new software update is available

My hub becomes unresponsive/freezes whenever there is a new update available. It never fails that if my routines aren't running, I'll try to log into my HE over the local network and it is unresponsive. When I power reset, it starts up fine and there is an update available. The HE updates fine and reboots then runs without issue until a new update is available.

I can't find any other similar reports of this issue and this is incredibly frustrating. Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.

Hardware Version: Rev C-4
Platform Version:

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The notice for update available isn't intrusive, i.e. the hub doesn't know whether there is one or not, purely a UI function - so all of your rules and automations should continue to run regardless if there is an updae or not. Could, in theory, be a browser compatibility issue or a corrupt browser cache. Have you tried a different browser when this happens?

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The hub becomes completely unresponsive, freezes and stops running rules/automations, so it is not a browser issue, it's definitely a hub issue.

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...okay, but can't be related to an update being available as getting that knowledge requires a query to a cloud endpoint. Your problem lies elsewhere...


How does the hub know to render the alert notification about a new update in the UI?

When you sign onto the UI, the UI issues the call if it has been 24 hours since its last request. The UI never informs the hub of the result.


Can you PM me the hub id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs.

Ok thanks for the explanation :+1:.

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PM sent, thanks!

I concur.


This is currently happening to only one of my C7 hubs (I have two on the network). This happened the last two updates including tonight. Whenever an update shows as available, it causes the hub to freeze. The second hub does not freeze. I reboot and lo and behold, there is the update. I update and everything is fine until the next update shows as available and then….freeeeeeeze.

…and the answer is the same that was given above - the hub doesn’t know, or care, that there is an upgrade available, so your problem lies elsewhere.

I experience the same issue.

I am a user of two C7 hubs in two separate locations.

One is behaving fine, the other almost always freezes when a sw update is offered with the same symptoms as described. Interestingly it is the one that is not very busy (only a few devices) that experience this issue. It happened again this morning for the 3rd time. That makes it unreliable for automation in a remote residence IMO. Any suggestions how to fix this ? The only difference is that one is fixed IP address and one has a DHCP address.

Can not connect to it, it does not run anymore. Hard reboot fixes the issue.

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Stop chasing the upgrade as the issue, as it isn't, and look for what else may be occurring....

I understand there is no logic, but the coincidence is really there 3 out of 3. Since there are no logs that could document the issue and give me some hints as to what is going on, I am at a lost.

Beside the overkill method of uninstall , revert back to default and start back from scratch I have no clue how to investigate or fix this. This hub is running extremely light it manages 5 devices, so I do not expect CPU overload, memory exhaustion etc could be the cause.

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@gopher.ny was able to assist and so far my issue seems to be resolved.

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Howdy! What did they do that fixed the issue?

I have a C4, he looked at my logs and provided guidance specific to what he was seeing. I turned off the Zigbee radio (unused) and truncated events.

Can you elaborate of what you mean by truncating events ? (turning the reporting off ?) Shutting down zigby radio is a good idea I use only zwave and wifi. I did it on the hub that always works fine, but not on the one experimenting the issue. Thanks

An analysis of my logs showed that my hub (C4) failed to delete old events. There is an endpoint to get rid of all events if you don't care to preserve them: http://[]/hub/advanced/truncateEvents. It does not affect events going forward. I truncated events and that along with turning off unused radios has resolved my issue.

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