Hubitat C-8 on VLAN

Hello All,

Wondering where everyone is putting their Hubitat network ?
I have a UDM Pro divided into LAN for local computer, IoT for IoT things.

Currently all my IoT devices are on the IoT network (107) including hue hub, lutron hub, and my bond hub. However Hubitat is on my main LAN. Problem resides where my Bond hub will not talk to my Hubitat since it is not on the same network.

Should I put my Hubitat on IoT network ? If so what problem might I have.

Also note, I have a wifi network that is specifically 2.4 for legacy devices, and automatically assigns any 2.4 wifi to IoT. Problem is the Bond only connects 2.4.


I have my Hubitat hub in the IoT VLAN (similar setup as yours). You could, probably, also poke a firewall rule to allow two-way comms between just the Hubitat hub and the IoT network.

Probably, based on your description.

It can go in either/any place. To your point though, if you have other lan device integrations they may/may not work if they are on a different subnet or VLAN from the Hubitat hub (at least without using an mdns repeater / avahi / other bridge).

You can (usually) make it work either way, it just depends on how much time and effort you want to put into this. Personally, I don't like spending my precious home time troubleshooting mdns traffic or avahi, so I put them on the same network. But some people have more free time / energy than I do. So each to their own.


mDNS can be set to allowed across networks on the UDM.

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Yup. And it even works - sometimes. But not always, and not with all mdns traffic. Ask me how I know, and how many other users know, and how Ubiquiti has refused to "fix" it for a number of years :wink:

There is a reason many UDM Pro users have avahi running in a container.


Fair enough. I think about my only use-cases to actually leverage it is for Chromecast.

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I used it for chromecast successfully too. When I was tasting it on my UDM SE it actually worked on MOST mdns traffic I tested - so it is what I would try 1st before moving to a roll-your-own avahi.

Which of us was that for and which "it?"


Do you have any screenshots on how you did it ?

For mdns repeating on the UDM I did what @FriedCheese2006 had in his screenshot above.

When I ran AVAHI I ran it in an Ubuntu VM on my Proxmox cluster that had NICs on each network.

Is that what you meant?

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Put it on your 2.4 GHz IOT network and call it a day. When you need to access it internally, switch to that VLAN on the device you're using. When you just need to turn on a light or something and you're on another VLAN (or away), have dashboards set up via the remote access/cloud approach. Works great.

Put AVAHI on that container and it works mostly. AVAHI is the simplest way to setup MDNS. I have Pi-Hole running in a Proxmox container with 4 NIC's one for each network/vlan. Didn't want to trombone out for DNS lookups though the router and that the folks at Untangle advise not to install MDNS on the router.

Both my Hubs are on the IoT VLAN and AVAHI shows the hubs registered from the command:

avahi-browse -all

+   eth4 IPv4 Home-C7 Hub                                   Web Site                                                                                                          local
+   eth4 IPv4 Home-Dev                                      Web Site            

@bwilfong15 If you want to leave your HE on the existing subnet, you need to tell it to acknowledge those other subnets/vlans. Use this endpoint....


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