Hubitat box mount

Finally tidied up separate dongle for the Zwave. Have printed some 3d parts to connect to some din rail in my server cupboard.


Looks super neat. :+1:

I'd generally suggest a bit more separation between wireless hubs/radios though.


Not been a problem so far. I have left some gaps to experiment later down the line. :wink:

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Also all that metal on one side kinda makes it a directional antenna :joy:

But if it works, it works. Just don't forget it when you ever do run in some trouble.

It's not really like that but I guess I can get the analyser from work and take some before and after spectrums on the sub gig frequencys

I've taken a similar approach to you, but I've run the hubs outside of the rack itself and mounted to a side wall so that the signal avoids some disruption from the metal and power rails, but like frits said, if it works for you go for it.

Sometimes signal disruption is a pain to troubleshoot though. An analyser would help there for sure.

Will let you know. Got me interested on this now, I might grab the log antenna and spectrum and take some measurements around the house lol
Beats the normal EMC stuff I sometimes do


It would be a fantastic service to the community if you could figure out the radiation pattern from C5 hub, many people wondering on optimal placement

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