Hubitat / Bond / Yoolax integration not working reliably

I have a Hubitat with the latest firmware integrated with the latest Bond Hub integration drivers and app courtesy of @dman2306. The app registers properly and the devices (Yoolax RF controlled automatic shades) are set up and working (I can prove it by pressing the open and close buttons in the Devices page and they trigger the blinds to go up and down).

I have a rule machine rule set up as follows:

The blinds rarely trigger even though I have the device sitting next to the blinds. A few other notes:

  • there are no errors in the logs
  • the Bond app shows that the shades were opened
  • the Hubitat logs show that the rule was triggered.
  • the blinds only move sometimes.

Any thoughts or insights would be very welcome, this is very frustrating

Based on what you said where everything on Hubitat says it worked, including the Bond integration saying it opened them, it sounds to me like an issue on the bond hub side.

Yes, I'm going to post to the Bond forum as well and see if anyone else has seen this.

I would make sure debug logging is turned on in the bond integration if it isn't already. That makes it log every command it sends to the bond hub.

Debugging is on and it looks to be sending the right codes. The Bond hub log shows that the shades are supposed to be opening. For anyone interested I have also posed this problem on the bond forum here.

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