Hubitat Basic Rule Toggle vs. On/Off

Hey Hubitat Community,

I have a Liftmaster door automated with a Mimo2+ and a liftmaster button open with dry contacts soldered to the board of the button.

I have the switch wired to the Mimo2+ which the activates the opening of the garage door. I am able to open and close the garage door remotely using this approach through the devices tab in the hubitat control.

I built an automation using a temperature probe to tell the switch to open the door when the temperature raises above 30C and then to close it when it drops below 15C. The garage door is in a greenhouse.

I used the toggle button to connect the dry contact for both opening and closing however the door is constantly opening and closing. should I use the on/off action instead of the toggle action?

What is the difference between toggle and on/off with regards to the automation?



Toggle changes a switch to the opposite of the current state.
If it's On toggle makes it Off.
If it's Off toggle makes it On.



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