Hubitat Backups

In the last few days I have installed and configured 2 HE hubs. I know that there is a way to merge them together but I am not there yet. I know how to perform a backup. I presume that when I want to backup my data, I need to be doing 2 sets of backups (one backup for each hub). Is this correct? Similarly, is one of the advantages of merging the 2 hubs, only having to do a single backup? Merging is something on my To Do list but I want to get comfortable with what I have now first.

I wouldn’t really consider it “merging” so much as “linking.” Merging implies two become one, and that’s not how the currently available hub linking apps like HubConnect work.

The hubs each maintain independent existences, but the devices can be mirrored and synced in a way that allows for them to be used by automations and dashboards on both hubs.

So yes, you would need to backup each hub.


Each hub is always going to need its own backup no matter how/if you link multiple hubs or not.