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I recently installed a Konnected Panel as a replacement alarm system using my legacy PIRs. I also have EVE contact sensors across my house. If I was to use a Hubitat C8 along with my current Apple TV 4K (2nd gen) would I be able to use the EVE contacts as well as the PIRs as part of my alarm system?

Is your system self-monitored? If it is, then you can. The setup is a wee bit convoluted, because Apple does not permit HomeKit devices to be “exported”. So here is what you would do:

  1. Konnected PIR sensors would be directly integrated with HE.
  2. You would create HE virtual contact/switch sensors that are exposed to HomeKit.
  3. You would use HomeKit automations to control the virtual switches based on the state of the EVE contact sensors (e.g. open = on; closed = off).
  4. On Hubitat, these open/closed events would show up on your virtual sensors.
  5. You can use HE automations to perform actions (including notifications) based on the state of the Konnected PIRs and the virtual contact sensors.

But this type of setup will not be supported by any professional monitoring service.

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Besides the great advice that @aaiyar provided, has your Eve contacts been upgraded to Matter? If so, with the Beta software on the C8, you could connect them directly to Hubitat without needing virtual switches.


Thanks JB10 and @aaiyar for your replies. Using the beta software would be great but I can’t see beta software for EVE. (Yes they are all matter).

The beta software is for Hubitat. Hubitat is currently beta-testing Matter support. You may PM @bobbyD if you want to enroll your C-8 hub in the beta test.

The beta enrollment for the next release has now ended. Anyone interested in future beta releases may still join the Beta Group, but new users will not be added for the next release, at this time.

@user7123 thanks for your interest, see my private message for more details.

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So, we are nearing Gold?