Hubitat App Presence Sensor Not Working [iPhone]

I use Geofency and Life 360 to reliably work my presence sensors. I can't the Hubitat App to work for presence sensing on a iPhone 13. I can receive notifications from Hubitat on the iphone but it just won't show my presence/departing. I have location services set to Always for Hubitat.
When I "Send Geo Event" nothing happens. Any suggestions? I can use the other presence apps, but it is just irritating that Hubitat won't work.

Shortcoming of hubitat - some can make it work - lots can't. I gave up and use Alexa for my presence sensing.

I don't use Apple products, so I am not sure what I can do help. I am going to tag @moncho1138 who is the Hubitat lead for the mobile apps.

In the meantime, maybe it would help to include which version number of the Hubitat app that is on your device.

Also tagging @Sebastien and @rlithgow1, I think you guys use Apple products? Any advice for OP?

I have version 1.3.1.

Thanks for the assistance.

I use multiple geolocation apps and combine them all together. Geofency, Apple’s HomeKit, Hubitat and IP address on network.

Not sure if one works better than the others, but together they work great!

I just checked the device’s events and am not seeing any presence/absence events on the phone device, so not sure if the App is working at all for location!