Hubitat App Only Works on Wifi, Not Cell Data


The Hubitat app works perfectly every time while at home on WiFi (local). If I leave home or disable Wifi while at home the app hangs when phone data is cellular:

Stuck on welcome screen
'Dashboards' and 'Lights/Switches' endless spinning logo or blank white screen

Sometimes (not always) after 30 seconds to several minutes “Hub Unavailable” is displayed. On rare occasion after several minutes 'Dashboards' and 'Lights/Switches' eventually display but don’t work. Screen shots attached. I tried clearing the apps cache but no help. When I return home or re-enable WiFi the app works perfectly again. When phone is on cellular data (not Wifi) I can temporarily get the app working again by:

Power cycling phone, WiFi still disabled after power-up
Uninstalling app then re-installing


Hubitat App: Version 1.6.12 build 136 (current per Google Play App Store)
Hubitat Elevation C-8 Hub: Platform/Firmware

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9
Model SM-G960U1
Android OS: Version 10
Carrier: Cricket Wireless (AT&T)

I realize my phone is not the latest and greatest but all other apps including Ring, Alexa, Govee, Ecobee, myQ, Swann Security Cams, and even SmartThings (sorry) work without any issues. Any ideas and advice would be extremely appreciated, Thank You.

Occasional Error Displayed:

Stuck on Welcome Screen:

Stuck on Spinning Logo:

It has been previously reported on older Android versions and our engineers are still exploring ways to make it better. Have you tried closing the app (from all running apps screen) and reopening it? That should refresh the connection without the need to uninstall or power down your phone.

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Thanks sincerely for the lightning fast reply. Yes I have tried that numerous times, doesn't resolve the issue. My wife has the same phone, we plan on upgrading to Google Pixel sometime this year. Is there any compatibility info for Google Pixel 6 and 7 phones? Would be nice to know if Hubitat app runs without issue on these models. Thanks.

Is more an Android operating system than phone, I believe. So the newer the better. Our engineers use Pixel phones, as they are "pure" Android without manufacturers forced optimizations.


That's exactly why I'm switching to Google Pixel and it's reassuring to know your engineers use them. ST to HE and soon Galaxy to Pixel, my divorce will be finalized. :grinning:
Thanks for your time and guidance, have a great weekend!

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