Hubitat App Notifications

I just got a new phone. I had the Hubitat app on my old phone, Android V8. New phone is Android V9. App installed ok, shows dashboards, etc. Presence seems to work ok, sometimes a little flaky, but not any difference than the old phone.

However, I can't seem to get any notifications thru the Hubitat app. I have checked all the Android settings and everything seems to be in order. Pushover still works fine. I can check the logs and it says it sent notification, but it never shows up on my phone.

Is there some other setting I need to tell HE?

When you set up the app on your new phone, it should have asked you to either choose an existing Hubitat Mobile App Device (this is a device created/used on the hub for presence and notifications) or create a new one. Which option did you choose? If you chose to create a new one, you'll need to switch out your automations that use the old ones with the new device. If you reused the existing device, have you seen if manually sending a notification from the device page (ask if you're not sure how) works?

I chose the existing one. Manually sending one doesn't work either. I'm thinking something on the phone, just can't figure out what. I've checked all the notification settings, battery settings, etc. And the gel fence seems to work so that kinda indicates HE knows the device.

I don't know as much about Android, but on iOS I'd try disabling and re-enabling notifications for the app if that happened. Is that something you could try? Uninstalling and reinstalling couldn't hurt (not much data to worry about in the app) if that doesn't help.

Ok, uninstalled, reinstalled. No luck. Logged out of app. Logged back in and that fixed it. Weird, but it worked.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I am experiencing this issue as well. After a factory reset of my Galaxy S9+, the app only works as a mostly-flaky presence sensor. It was far more reliable before the reset.

I've tried factory resetting my phone a few more times, clearing the data on the app, deleting the existing mobile app presence device, and nothing works. I never get the notifications. My guess is that somehow the "device id" of my phone/app is being remembered by the hub, therefore the notifications are just going off into the ether somehow.

Of further note, when I attempt the manual test, I still get nothing, but I do see the attempt in the global logs as well as the device-specific logging. Just nothing hits my actual phone.

I have the same issue. It's also escalated to @bobbyD. Though I have it on one phone only. I have two xiaomi pocophone f1's. One working one not. Both have the same settings. The odd thing it that apparently the second phone never registers itselve at Hubitat, so there is really something fishy going on.