Hubitat App Not Connecting to Hub

Good Afternoon,

This is my first post, so hopefully I'm doing everything correctly. I've also searched the help and wiki and can't find anything about this.

I have a Hubitat Elevation and the Hubitat app doesn't ever 'connect' to the app, even when I'm on my local network. Every time I open the app, the dashboard is blank and there are no devices on the 'Device' tab (but my rooms are there). Each time, I have to go to 'Tools' and connect to the hub. Then I can see my devices (but not on the Device tab) but the Dashboard doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for all of your help.

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Welcome to the Hubitat forums!

So a couple questions.

  • Did this ever work, or is this some new "bug"?
  • If you use a computer instead of the phone, does it work then?
  • You did set up a dashboard, right? Dashboards don't get automatically made like some hubs, you have to build one.

Device Tab on the first screen is still formative, and only shows switches and plug IIRC. Devices tab after Connecting to Hub will show all devices. Dashboard tab will be blank until you create one (there is no "default" dashboard.


Thanks neonturbo and thebearmay.

I don't think I made a dashboard originally, so I'll check that out.

I also only currently have Smoke Detectors added, so that might be why I don't show anything connected.

I'll try to make a dashboard tonight and report back.


From memory you have to have a device in a room for it to show up on the Devices tab in the app, as well as the limitations @thebearmay mentioned

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Yeah the device tab only shows switches




Thank you everyone for your help. I was able to set up a dashboard. Hopefully this week, I'll be able to add some other devices.

Do the dashboards only work outside of your network if you pay for remote admin? I have a couple of smoke detectors and stuff that I was hoping to monitor.

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Check to see if you are getting a proper URL on your hub when you look at it in the UI. When you go to what does the URL of your hub say.

I had several issues after upgrades this weekend where it kept defaulting back to a 169.x.x.x address and not the address I set for it in my router.

The app should alternate between local and cloud-based versions of your dashboards seamlessly (I believe) without you needing to do anything, and without you paying for remote access. Alternatively you can setup a VPN on something like a raspberry pi or Windows machine that is always on (or NAS, etc...).

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Remote admin is only needed for when you want to do things like add devices, edit rules, and similar things remote from your local network. For dashboards, that is free, and does not require any special fees or subscriptions. It will use either your local network, or the Hubitat cloud dashboard server as needed.


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What did you do to resolve this. Just ran into this today with the app trying to connect to a 169 IP. I have not upgraded. Tried a few troubleshooting things but whatever you did might be the quick fix.

log out of the app, reboot your phone, and log back in (do not create a new device when prompted) Make sure you are on wifi.