Hubitat app needs Event logging section

Hi @mike.maxwell,

Is there a way to have the Hubitat app keep track of push notifications which a user sets up?
I was thinking that there should be a tab in the app where a user van go to look at either notification history or event history. This can be useful for debugging on the go and like me, I swipe out a notification and than forget if my house reported back to me if it was armed/disarmed/mode changed, etc.

Check out this app.

I really would like this to be integrated into the Hubitat app directly. Sorry to say..Like the SmartThings app has this built into their app. You can press on the Notifications or the Event view buttons in their app main functionality and see them there. The developer for HE is originally from the SmartThings community. He knows about this feature.

Actually there are several former ST community developers that are a part of the hubitat team.

You probably want to tag @patrick on app feature requests, since he seems to be the lead on that part of the platform.

This is a planned feature for the mobile app down the road.

However, you can already get them by adding your Mobile App Device to any dashboard. Add a presence or attribute tile linked to that device and use the 3 dot menu and click history and you can see the past events which include all push messages to that device.


I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression.. There are no former SmartThings employees at Hubitat, we are former SmartThings users.


Fair point, edited my last post to clarify.

I know. Sorry guys. Some of the former SmartThings users are Staff here at Hubitat. That's why you know my pains from ST days. And thanks for the great work you do on Hubitat.

I will try @patrick idea. Thank you.

Here is a Ghost story for you all.

I have deleted all of the apps and even deleted my SmartThings hub and logged out of my ST app(s) .
And I am still getting SMS notifications of mode changes and house activity on the ST SMS. I had to block them on my phone and my phone still tells me that it is getting notifications from SmartThings events. My wife told me ST is haunting me for leaving them. And the ST hub has been crushed by the garbage truck.

Plus 1 for this request of notification logging please. Cheers!