Hubitat App - IOS - Wrong Locale of the application

Good Morning. I wonder if anyone had this error in the past.

I am installing Hubitat Mobile app (IOS). The "locale" of my phone is French.

When I install the application, Hubitat App is mainly in Spanish with a bit of English. I fortunately Speak Spanish too, but it is a bit akward :slight_smile: I didnt fiind anywhere in the app to force one locale or another...

I wonder if anyone got that problem ever ?



That’s odd - Any chance you could include some screenshots?

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Our Mobile app is offered only in English at this time. I belive that recently iOS introduced individual language for each app. You may want to check the app language in your phone's Settings to see if it's set up to Spanish by accident.

Well, we learn something every day. Yes, it was my wife's phone. Initial language French, alternate Language Spanish, Hubitat app English. Funny results in that configuration. I remove the alternate language, leaving only one language : "French", and the Hubitat displays OK ( At least all in english)



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