Hubitat app does not find hub

Hi Guys,

I am having an issues with the Hubitat App rarely being able to find or connect to the hub. This used to work fine and at first I thought it was due to the wi-fi, but it does not seem to be. If I select the diagostics tool in the app, this seems to find the hub and reports hub time and IP address among a few other bits of info. Sometimes the hub will be found and connect after I have opened the diagnostics, but not always. Now I only arrive at the 'Remote Admin $2.99 / month' screen.

All thoughts and ideas appreciated.


Can you access the hub via a PC / laptop on the same network as the HE hub?
Have you tried an alternative mobile device like a tablet, etc?
How are you connecting your HE hub to the network, over Wi-Fi or wired connection? If wired, have you tried a different network cable?
Do you have any network setup that could be getting in the way, like VLAN's and alike?


Sorry about that. The suggestion to subscribe to Remote Admin should only happen if the phone is not connected to the same network as the hub, not when the hub isn't accessible. We will be looking into this problem. Which Mobile app are you using ( iOS or Android) and what make and model your phone is? I assume the hub is accessible from other devices while on the same network, is that correct?


Android. Samsung S22+ SM-S906B/DS

Yes, the hub is working as it should a part from the issue at hand. I can access it through a Windows computer on the same network. The hub is connected with cable to the router and the computer is connected to the router via WiFi.

The issue is not constant. The app sometimes finds the hub and connects, and sometimes not. But I would say 8 out of 10 times it does not find the hub.

The router has a 2.4 band and a 5Ghz band. Can there be a difference depending on which one of those the phone connects to?

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions @sburke781 . Yes, I can access the hub from my Windows 10 computer. Connection throught this computer never fails. No, no other netwrok setups. I'll try and install the app on an iPhone and se if there is a difference. And I'll try and see if I can change the cable to the hub.

If you go to from your PC do you see your hub?

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Hi, Yes thank you, I do.

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