Hubitat App Beta

There may already be a thread for this, but I can't find it.

I decided to try the Beta of the Android app. Like it so far, but noticed something.
If you open a dashboard then hit the dashboard select at the bottom to go back to the dashboard selection screen it just hangs with a red circle going round and round. If I hit the back button it goes ok.

LOL, I thought that was due to me running Android Q Beta 5.

I literally just sent an email to support for this issue

Thanks, Rick

I also experience that! And I could also not find a Mobile App Beta result thread...

I also experience that the app sometimes says it's going to switch to local dashboard while it's already on local... If I cancel it, I have to force close the app to work again, if I wait for the 5 seconds the app works normally.

Question for the staff. Is there a particular place we're supposed to post things about the beta version of the app? Or send feedback?

There is a beta place but as anyone can join the mobile beta maybe there needs to be one in the main thread. @patrick any plans? BTW not had any issues so far with the beta.

It does seem the presence works a lot better. And I like the auto switch between cloud and local dashboard links.

Actually, if you go to the Google Play store and list your apps and then open the Hubitat app, there is an option there to provide feedback to the developer. For the beta, that is probably the best place to provide feedback.

I notice in Android when you go to configure the notifications for the Hubitat app there are 2 selections listed. Hubitat and Miscelaneous. What is the difference in those and is there a way when sending a notification from RM to select which one?