Hubitat and ZWave - not reliable - what to do?

I tried Refresh / Remove dozens and dozens of times since July. But don't get them removed.

How could I figure out what the real device behind a "ghost" is so I could power them off?

Node IDs: 0x13 (019), 0x1B (027), 0x1C (028) are showing as dead "POWER_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL" (aka Dimmer) yet the next one: 0x1D (029) is the same type. One can imagine you tried once, it failed, you moved on, then came back and tried 3 times... third time was a charm :smiley:


I agree on the ghosts.... Your z-wave table is in terrible shape. If you are having a lot of problems because you can't figure out which switch(s) or what not to disconnect power to in order to remove the ghost, you have the option of getting a usb z-wave stick and using your PC to remove them. The usb z-wave stick is added to hubitat as a secondary controller. I'd also consider re pairing all the switches without security (keep door locks and garage door openers with encryption though) This will lessen overhead. I think once you get those ghosts cleaned out, you'll be quite happy with the strength and reliability of your z-wave mesh


An option, since these appear to be mainly failed switch pairings, would be to put the hub on a UPS (not a bad idea anyway) and cut power to the house.

My guess on these though would be:

0x13 = 0x14
0x17, 0x18 = 0x19
0x1A = 0x1E
0x1B, 0x1C = 0x1D
0x25, 0x26 = 0x27
0x32 = 0x34
0x63 = 0x64


I turned off the electric this morning for ½ hour (Hub and IP network is on UPS anyway).

Result: no removal possible :frowning:

After my wife complaint I had to turn on electric again.

I guess I'll better buy a Zwave stick. Which software do I need (Linux, Debian/Ubuntu)?

Read this... it seems daunting at first but thanks to the good work of the authors it really isn't a big deal. I do think, though, that your "ghost" device may still need to be powered off... read through the directions and see what it says.

Win10 will work fine. SiLabs software is free. Stick is $20. Enjoy!

Whenever I try to include a z-wave device and it fails I immediately stop and focus on getting rid of the ghost I just created before I proceed further. It's a pain but it will prevent the issues you're seeing.

Happy ghost busting... feel free to reach out if you have questions.


Sometimes you will have to hit discover or refresh several times to get the removal button. Then you may have to wait up to a minute for the force remove option to appear. If you can, take it somewhere else and attempt again


Love this... :smiley: Summarizes my life in one sentence. I need a t-shirt that has a fill-in-the-blank version - "After wife complaint I had to ________."

And just how did she become the boss of me!?! :wink:


LOL. It summarizes life for a lot of us !!


If Mama ain't happy, no one is happy!


I have a similar intermittent issues with zwave devices and consider my house is surrounded by metal beams, I think that could have caused it (faraday cage effect).

I moved most of my devices to zigbee now.


Now I got the zooz S2 stick 700 and borrowed a Windows Laptop from a neighbor (the Linux version of the Simplicity Studio failed).

What do I have to do now? - it looks all quite different to the "Hubitat UZB Stick How-To.pdf"

That Simplicity name is a bunch of hooey, it is far from simple.

You need to go to the Tools from the main (startup) menu, not the device manager.

I'm giving up. That's way to complicate. Just spent another hour clicking around with no result looking like the Howto.

Why do I need such weird tools? Why can't Hubitat just rid itself of "ghosts"? I never had a similar problem with Smartthings. It just worked. Just hated the cloud. sigh


I'm in a similar boat as the poster here and it sucks. My mesh was fine and over time seems to have gotten worse (probably due to a couple ghosts). I'm an engineer and love tinkering with things but the amount of time I've wasted on various bug squashing escapades over the past couple years makes me want to just throw everything in the trash.


I should have added, look at page 9 of the ghost removal instructions linked above. There is more detail than I included in my screenshots.

Same. But my mesh is solid and I made sure to remove my ghosts. My issue is definitely on Hubitat’s side.

I’ve confirmed this by running a secondary controller in my mesh and commanding it over home assistant. Shows every single device on my main hub, and where HE seems to constantly struggle with this, HASS and my secondary (not even a 700 series controller) perform the way Z-Wave should.

I think that is the key. The 700 chipset has some bugs to be worked out, and Hubitat is sorta stuck trying to mitigate things. I bet if there weren't chip shortages last year, Hubitat would have stuck with the C5 for a while longer until these bugs were better understood or fixed.

I get where you are coming from, but I think the root cause of the blame lies on the Zwave Alliance/Silabs.

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It's not Hubitat, it's silicon labs and their sdk that's the problem. Another way to rid yourself is to cut power to the device that made the ghost then hit refresh on that line till it's gone