Hubitat and Google Home working side by side

Hi Guys,
Has anyone set up some devices with Google Home and some with Hubitat integrating them? The reason am asking is because we don't have many supported devices in Australia (more importantly not cheap) and some wifi devices are easily available to integrate with Google home. I don't have those skills to flash devices. what am trying to say is that can I set up google routines in line with existing Hubitat scenes and events?

I'm not sure about initiating routines on your Google Home from your HE hub... you may want to find out whether any of the drivers / apps that are on the community can initiate a command, if they can do that then you may be able to initiate a routine from HE that way. I'm pretty sure the built in Google integration app is only about exposing HE devices to Google Home, not the other way around. You may also want to provide some details on the devices or outcome you are trying to ultimately achieve, there may be other options available, not just Google Home.

I have control setup in the opposite direction to what I think you are after, a few virtual switches in my HE setup that are exposed to the Google Home and I can then use in routines to initiate rules on my HE hub, e.g. saying the command "News Time" flicks a virtual switch in a Google routine, which replicates that switch being flicked on my HE hub, which in turn triggers a rule on my HE hub to activate a Logitech Harmony Activity.



Yes the part you said about News Flick command is what I want to achieve, but in addition to that I want some of the wifi devices to trigger with the virtual switch. For example if I say Good Night Google, it should turn off all lights (Virtual switch from HE), Lock my Wifi door lock, Wifi garage door, etc

There is no way I'm aware of to run a Google Routine from HE. They can only be activated by voice or time of day.

In addition there are Home and Away Routines that can be triggered by presence.

That's it. Boo, Google. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You can for sure set up some devices on GH and some on HE and some on both. For example, my Sharp TV can be operated by voice using GH but not via HE because the driver unfortunately sucks. My lights are run from Hue and linked to both GH and HE, so I can automate them, and also command them by voice. Same with my AC units via Sensibo IR controllers. So it's pretty flexible really.

It is a shame that it's not yet possible to activate a GH Routine using a virtual switch in HE because that would fix a lot of issues where HE doesn't have adequate integrations with WiFi and other devices. Maybe those thousands of Google programmers will eventually stop sitting on their thumbs and deliver this useful functionality at some point within the next 10 years, but I'm not holding my breath...


I think the lack of being able to trigger GH routines will be because of security concerns on Google’s side. You can’t easily fake a voice (and would need to be within range of the microphones), and schedules are under Google’s control. But a remote system telling it what to do is harder to control. I expect the developers have secure ways of doing it but I think management are vetoing it.

It’s a shame Amazon were blind to the Australian market for the 12 months that Google did a big push - free devices from Woolies, AFL players doing adverts etc. I read that something like 70% of the HA market here is Google.

I have only Amazon devices and I chose them because of the ease of integrating with home automation and the whole house and group audio etc (Google is catching up with this bit now bit I think). HE can trigger virtual switches that can be seen by Echo's and can trigger routines or other devices, Google may have a larger chunk of the market here but Amazons presence in the US and it's mass of Alexa enabled devices will sway the home automation people eventually unless Google step up their game.

As an example we have the $40 echo wall clock in the kitchen, it seems like an odd device but it is brilliant, can set multiple timers, name them, have them all show up, get countdowns etc, works really well when cooking or baking and we use it everyday :slight_smile: It's a simple cheap piece of kit but adds a real level of convenience, so much so my wife and kids use it all the time and that's when you know tech is working.