Hubitat almost 3 years later , dashboard userfeeling lag

So almost 3 years with th c7. It's running supersmooth and everything works good. I
It is one thing that I'm a bit surprised that the dev team have left alone during this time.
In the Hubitat app the dashboards starting process user feeling is way to bad. When you go to a dashboard the screen goes black for about 2 sec and a text says loading devices.... It feels like 3 years for the brain.
I understand that the app needs to get data and it takes time. I think (like every other smarthome apps) the dashboard should be instant showen(with latest fetcht data, then your mind starts to scroll to the button you are interested in, buy that time the app got the data in the background and then updates the dashboard tiles with correct data. It's all about how to fool the brain for those 2 seconds...... Would it be possible for better user experience ? What do you think? Happy New year! /Mattias


One thing that will help is go into yourhubip>>apps>>hubitat dashboards and click a dashboard. Uncheck anything that is NOT being used on that dashboard. A lot of times people just check everything and because of that rendering of the dash can be slow. So if you only have 16 things on that dash, only 16 things should be exposed to it.

ok... tryied that a couple of times in the years but makes no different in speed for me.

And also annoying to have to do that step everytime you add a device to a certain dashboard.
.But I get the thing is that the app has to get less data but apperently you must make the brain to think it goes faster....

Have you looked at @gslender 's Hubivue?

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I've been tinkering with HomeHabit, pretty easy to get going. Doesn't pre-populate the dashboard, but nice ui and aesthetically pleasing to work with. Still trying to figure out more advanced tiles...

I agree that the initial loading routine is not a good look or feel.

I assigned many of my lights and switches to rooms and they appear under the Light/Switches tab. I was going to try that vs. the room dashboards I had created and put into a master dashboard (which is what appears under the Dashboard tab). However, I’ve found that it is impossible to collapse all of them in the Light/Switches tab like I can for the Dashboard tab. No matter what I do it insists on keeping at least one open. I wish they would change that so all of them could be collapsed at the same time.

I second @rlithgow1 recommendation for hubivue. @gslender has done and continues to do some really great work on this dashboard app. Hes been great about working with the community to create many user requested features and improvements, but also helping to educate folks on why somethings maybe can't be done. All in all, a great effort!


I've been using action tiles.. Looks like I need to check out hubivue

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