Hubitat & Alexa

I am new to Hubitat and have devices through Alexa. After setting up my Hubitat apps, although 20 devices, the only found in "Amazon Echo Skill" is found in my cell phone.

Your devices paired to alexa can't be used on hubitat.. You can control them through virtual switches and alexa routines. .

I'm not certain that will work because AFAIK, Hubitat switches, virtual or otherwise, cannot be used as triggers for Alexa routines.

However, Hubitat contact and motion sensors would definitely work for this purpose, and here's where Chris Wilson's (@cwwilson08) Virtual motion with switch driver comes in handy. Posted by @SmartHomePrimer here:

At the Hubitat end, it can be used as a switch, but is exposed as a motion sensor at the Alexa end that can be used to trigger a routine.

I used @cwwilson08's driver to make a Virtual Contact with Switch driver that works the same way. Posted here:

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Looks like is misspoke.. I thought it was possible.. but I just verified that I couldn't... @aaiyar is correct..

I used this and it worked but recently my virtual contact got changed over to a switch in Alexa and I can't seem to change it back. Anyone else have this problem, and if so, what's a fix?

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