Hubitat Update: 1 hour & still going

Current hub is My mobile Hubitat app shows "extracting update" for an hour. The hub is off line. Updates seem to take a long time, but this one is way more than the 20 to 30 minutes in the past.

I went to different page on mobile app and I am not able to see the "extracting update" screen nor can I log into my hub -- it is off line. Is my Hubitat C-7 toast?

What color is the LED?


I doubt it.

The update might be stuck, but it should be recoverable either through reboot, or otherwise.

Can you go to your hub IP address, and add :8081 to the end of it and push the enter key on the keyboard? [for example mine would be] there should be a diagnostic menu from this address. It would be best to try this from a desktop or laptop.

The LED will tell the rest of the story. Please let us know what color it is.

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Light was green even though I could not open the hub web page. Forced reboot (pull plug). Web page comes up. Thanks for the tip. Reports version

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I would watch things and if you see anything unusual, or have slowdowns or lockups, you might want to do a soft reset, and restore. Do a backup of the hub before you attempt this step. That will clean up the database if it was corrupted by this incident.

Soft reset -- is that a reboot from the web console?

No, check this document, be sure to click "Restore from Backup" when the process completes:


Quick note that pulling the pug should be avoided as much as possible as it may cause database corruption. It is best to add :8081 to the IP address and from the menu that comes up, have the hub shut down.


Thanks for the soft reset tips. bobbyD, Sebastien & neonturbo. In addition I deleted "local" backups and rebooted the system (the kinder, gentler) through the web page. Will keep away from hard reboots. System runs better. A lock which had trouble communicating with the hub now reports status and responds to commands promptly.


Likely database corruption that was solved with the restore

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