Hubigraphs device error


I am trying to create a dashboard with timeline graphs using hubigraph.

I create the graph and select install the tile device, see screenshot.

But adding the device to the dashboard displays no graph, also when I open the device and hit set graph I get a 500 error, im not sure what its expecting as a string so tried with nothing in there, and also the graph URL

If I visit the local graph URL the graph displays fine without a problem, I think I am missing something but can't figure out what it is.

Any points would be appreciated.

Looks like it was the SSL, used http to access the hub and the preview is working fine now, however get another error now in the tile.


I have selected "attribute" as the template too btw.

I ended up deleting the device and graph and recreating them, as I assumed it was down to some auth token getting broken along the way.

Its now working if I user http.

Does anyone have this working over https? would rather use secure protocols especially as I have hub login security enabled.

Thanks for help so far @furom

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Glad that you got this working ! I'm a complete Hubitat and hubigraphs newbie and, first I think Hubigraphs is a fanatstic piece of work.
But...i keep using datapoints in my graphs: while the right part of my graph keeps filling slowly, once the data are coiming more to the left (it's a timegraph) they start disappearing.
What am I doing wrong?
Can somebody point me to a topic here that I overlooked and is about this kind of problem ?

Thanks !

Ok, thanks !

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