Hubigraphs 4.8 (The Final Chapter)

Well that would explains it HAHAH.. I was about to let you now there was an issue with the Bubble Graph as I went to make one and it didn't work!!! Can't wait to see your masterful designing come to life!!..

Just adding that I am having the exact same issue on my machine. Same HubiGraph.js filename too. I am hoping for some ideas on a solution too.

That made me laugh!

@tzoom I made an issue report on GitHub and also found a temporary fix which is explained in the issue report. Time Line graph not working · Issue #8 · tchoward/Hubitat · GitHub


Yes, this is a problem with Firefox (it won't take up the whole tile).

I think I posted in this thread about the problem. Try searching here.

Also, I think this may fix it in Custom CSS:

.attribute .tile-primary {
  height: 100%;

.attribute .tile-contents {
  display: flex;

.attribute .tile-primary {

I still recommend you search this thread, because I'm guessing as to whether that is the fix.

Thanks, that fixed my issue with Time Line also.

I don't see a link to the thread... Thanks for the reply though!

Search in this thread, the one we're commenting on. I think it's in here. Hopefully the CSS I quoted will do it.

That definitely solved it. (I also checked via chrome vs firefox and you are indeed correct it's a firefox problem) So is it browser interpretation or is it a code issue?

I am having a problem with my graphs. They were working fine for many months and all of a sudden they are not. I am running 2.2.7. What I think is more strange is that they do not show up in the App Preview or on the dashboard. But they do show up from the URL if I paste that directly into a browser. Any thoughts on what to troubleshoot would be appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you for that. On my end, I was able to just do that filename change and no JS mods and it seemed to work for my graphs.

@thomas.c.howard I have a very small question.. well I hope it is.... Is it possible to put a 15min time period in the Integration Time, under the general graphing options? You have a 10 min and 30 min. I know it seems pointless but I have a couple devices that update at the 15's of every hour and it would be great my graphs would be able to show Integration times of 15mins, 10mins show too many data points and 30 doesn't show enough.. Good grief I sound like Goldie Locs from the 3 bears.. sorry about that.. Again, it was just a question so I figured I'd ask. Other than that, I love these graphs they are fantastic for me as I enjoy mapping out my daily/weekly/monthly power consumption on specific devices and these graphs have been fantastic in doing that, so thank you for your hard work on the Hubigraphs app!!!

It looks like only changing the filename fixed the graphs on my laptop, but they don't work via the Hubitat app on my phone. Do you think your groovy edits here would fix that? If so, I'm new to installing outside Package Manager. How did you make the groovy file updates on your Hubitat? Thank you.

Worth a shot to try and fix it. You go to the "Apps Code" section, then open the Hubigraphs Time Line file, find line 460 and make the edits.


This will be my last post. I will no longer be updating Hubigraphs and I encourage the community to pick it up, modify it, and own it. Feel free to take credit and ownership. I have no plans to delete my Github account so things should continue working.

It has been a journey, but I as of today, I am no longer using Hubitat for my home automation needs. It has been fun, and I have enjoyed learning and implementing HubiGraphs. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Hubitat developers' support and seeing the platform grow. Every comment below is my opinion and not meant to disparage the hub or its team. TO BE CLEAR: HUBITAT ON THE WHOLE IS A GREAT PLATFORM AND I HAVE ENJOYED MY EXPERIENCE. But, the Hubitat platform has come a long, but as in any relationship, it is time to go. Why am I going? How about a list?

  • Hubitat hardware. People have begged for years for better, more powerful hardware. In the Hubitat team's defense, it is sufficient for thier stated goal: Home Automation. However, for my needs which is more focused on Home Visualization AND Automation, Hubitat is ill-suited. I did not come to this conclusion lightly. I had 1 C7 hub running my entire zwave and zigbee networks. Total devices? 150+. I had a separate C5 hub running all the network connected devices as well as HubiGraphs and HubiWidgets. In that configuration, simply POLLING 5 of my non-reporting devices brought my zwave network to its knees.

  • Architecture. The following statements will be controversial (and are only based on observation) but here goes: Hubitat architecture is built up to the point it appears to be collapsing in on itself. The database implementation (H2) is slow, buggy and scales very badly. As a result, in order to be more efficient, saved events went from 2000 to 100 (states dropped to 30). Yes, the developers gave you the ability to change that, but at the cost of hub performance. I do not know if Hubitat takes advantage of multi-threading, but based on what I have observed, I doubt it. To recall 1000 events, it takes Hubitat 7 seconds. During that time, heaven help you if a zwave event arrives or an automation is supposed to kick off. Yes, I tested on both hubs.

  • Inconsistency in Message. "Hubitat is NOT a development platform". "We'll expose file storing for developers". "Making file-store available to apps is coming". "Making file-store available to apps is not a priority". "Subscriptions are bad". "Introducing Hub Protect". "Introducing Remote Admin".

  • Commercialization. "Developer-plus" and the "opening of a store where people can share thier apps and drivers without sharing their code". Ugh. I don't disagree that folks should get paid for their work, but to encourage it? I am not in this for the $. I understand that Hubitat is a company but this feels like a money grab. Why? They are NOT offering insight into their architecture. They are not giving an opportunity to use their in-house API... just a place where you (and they) can make $.

  • Lack of Hearing the Customer I have encountered this in the past. The dashboard - garbage. The IOS app - garbage. My son built a better looking and more functional beta (see HubiPanel) in 3 weeks! Anytime someone complains, it has become a running joke that a certain staff member will disparage those comments. Other deficiencies - Alexa not "hearing back from a device", lack of a roadmap. We don't know what to expect, but based on reading the forum and projecting, it won't be long before we are paying for a new device AND the driver to use it.

  • Groovy - I hate Groovy. I get that it is the heritage language that Hubitat is based on, but in Computer Science you should always use the best tools for the problem you are trying to solve. Can someone really tell me that Groovy is the best solution?

  • Security - I will just say, I wrote a driver this past spring as an experiment. This also highlights the poor architecture but...I was able to successfully intercept every switch event on the hub and redirect it to do anything I wanted to... from a custom driver. It took 5 lines of Groovy. Out of respect to the Hubitat team, I am not publishing details.

Look, I get it. Hubitat is not a developer platform, but THE MAIN REASON I AM LEAVING HUBITAT IS THAT I AM TIRED OF HACKING AROUND ITS ARCHITECTURAL, HARDWARE, AND PHILOSOPHICAL DEFICIENCIES. If that was too harsh, I apologize. The Hubitat team has done nothing "wrong" but for all the hours I spent working on the platform, I do not see it having a future any better than SmartThings.

Be well. Enjoy you hub. It is a good platform, certainly one of the best. Its not you, its me.


My setup is very simple and so are my needs.
I need lights to turn on/off when I walk into a room and also turn on and off when I'm away. (Plus lots of other very simple stuff).
HE is filling them for me.
What I can say is that Hubigraphs has given me additional functionality that I didn't know I needed. I'm finding I do.
Groovy is something, I thought, was something Mick Myers said. :wink:
I wish you well on whatever path you have now chosen and thankyou for all the code/work/input you have given to mere mortals like me.
Once again, I wish you well.


Thanks for your contributions, and good luck!

Hopefully you reported your findings to Hubitat privately, though.


I did. After consideration I didn't think I was being helpful, and didn't want to start a whole "thing". My initial 'knee jerk' reactions to things don't always further the conversation in a positive way - and I'm trying harder to not derail things as much.

Would be better if I didn't post then delete, and rather wrote and waited to post at all. :wink: I'll keep working on it.


Well, you have to have a business that is sustainable before you can dream about Computer Science.

Enjoy your next platform!!


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