Hubigraph causing an error

app:3812021-11-13 07:00:00.996 am errorError installing file: status code: 500, reason phrase: Server Error

app:3812021-11-13 07:00:00.838 am errorFind file Office Floor Aquara Temp Sensor (temperature) :: Connection Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'date' on null object

I'm using an older Ohlalalabs driver I found
definition (name: "Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor", namespace: "", author: "Markus Liljergren", filename: "zigbee-xiaomi-aqara-temperature-humidity", importUrl: "") {
// BEGIN:getDefaultMetadataCapabilitiesForZigbeeDevices()

  • before I begin to debug this, anyone else have experience around this error? Is there a diff/better driver? It's a one off sensor I don't even remember how I got it.

You may want to try these. Markus’ drivers are not being maintained, so if it is a driver issue, it is unlikely to get fixed.


I have a similar issue with Hubigraphs, but it seems to be associated with use of Hubigraphs Long Term Storage:

The errors are:

Hubigraphs: 2021-12-05 06:34:32.938 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getFileData() on null object on line 57 (method getData)

Long Term Storage: 2021-12-05 06:34:21.337 pm errorFind file AEON HEM v1 (powerTwo) :: Connection Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'date' on null object

If we look at the Hubigraphs app code:

50 def getData(sensor, attribute, lts, time){
52 return_data = [];
54 then = time;
55 if (lts) {
56 ltsApp = getChildAppByLabel("Hubigraph Long Term Storage");
57 return_data = ltsApp.getFileData(sensor, attribute);
58 if (return_data.size()> 0)
59 then = return_data[return_data.size()-1].date;
60 }
62 events = getEvents(sensor: sensor, attribute: attribute, start_time: then);
64 return_data = (return_data << events).flatten();
66 return return_data;

From what I can see here, it looks like the "null object" is due to a device that has gone catatonic, in my case, an AEON power-panel monitor.

I have excluded and re-included the device, and expect that values will be provided, rather than left null in the Hubigraph Long-Term Storage. Yes, it is painful to see an offline device result in a Null Pointer Exception, but this is not as fatal an error as the message seems to indicate.

Apologies for using an old thread but didn't want to create unnecessary posts, ever since I updated my Router my graphs are not working. I know its this as the displays the error 'OLD IP took too long to respond' Any ideas? I have tried to update the code and press DONE within the apps but it just wont kick the old IP out?

Not a solution to your exact issue, but have you considered @bptworld 's charting solution?

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