Hubi-Poll not running after restarts

I noticed that Hubi-poll does not run by itself after I restart the hub forcing my to go back into the app and save it again for it to work. is this common?

What's 'Hubi-poll'


No. Every app I've written, and all of the in-box app I use, start back up on its own just fine after a hub reboot.

Looks like this Community App? Not sure why Rule Machine wouldn't be used for this instead.


Yeah, seems like a job for RM - but I admit I didn't look at the code to see if the app is doing something unique.

EDIT: I did look at the code, it isn't doing anything you can't do in RM.

Hi hope you are keeping well. Just to say a big thanks for writing Hubi-Poll as it has sorted a lot of the issues I had with Hubitat just sitting fat dumb and happy when things changed and the programmed response did not happen.

However, I have to state that I find the same problem as”jrbandido”. On hub reboot I have to go into the app and klick “done” to get it to run/start polling again.

I know it is is cheeky, but is there any chance you could please have a wee look at the code and see if anything could be done to correct this. I do not have this level of skill to understand the app coding.

Many many thanks.

I have modified it this way to deal with this issue:

It use schedule vs. runIn, and privacy fixes. (note the comment on import URL is the original, not this version)

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