HubConnect/Zen16 MultiRelay/Bi-Directionality issues?

Three Hubs.
Client A.
Client B.

Client B has the physical device on it. (Zen16)
Synchronized to Server. (all 4 relays)
Linked to Client A from Server.
Devices all show across Client B-->Server-->Client A.
Dashboard on Client A has tiles representing devices linked.
Tiles on dashboard do not alter the state of the physical devices.
(they just hit the hourglass and sit there)
Tiles on dashboard do not reflect the status of the physical devices.
(nor does the synchronized device on Server)
(if changed on Client B, the holder of the physical devices)
Unless I sync them on the server from the specific device page.
HubConnect Report
I have tried some questionable things, changing from HTTP to sockets.
(and back)
The system (HE/HubConnect) is working exceptionally well with this exception.
Prior to the latest release, with the Zen16 drivers, the multirelay had functioned well, just as a generic switch, all 3 relays operated as one. The physical and logical layout did not change with the update. Just the change to device type "Zooz MultiRelay" and that puts the child devices as "Generic Component Switch"

Should I:
A) Eliminate all references to the physical devices then re-join the Physical Device?
B) "GitHub Update" everything?
C) Attempt a custom driver?
D) All of the above?

Would there be a preferable re-boot order to follow?

Why did my Server (hub) just REBOOT without being told?
(second time today that I have cought it, just realized that it was in the process when I woke up, and came in reach of "mission control")


These are the devices you want to sync. Not the parent. That will allow you to control them separately.

I have sync'd them all, parent and 3 child devices, sort of like the parent control, turn all on, or all off. I would sacrifice that, as I would be able to do the same thing with a virtual switch, and RM. That is what I keep leaning towards. Seems redundant.

Shower Time: parent device
Left Brake Light: child relay 1
Right Brake Light: child relay 2
Running Lights:child relay 3
(wired to Travel Trailer 7 pin hitch light plug)
What is really weird, is that Alexa has no problem controlling any and all aspects of this relay.

"Alexa, turn on shower time" gets all three relays.
"Alexa, turn on left brake light"
etc, all work.

I'm not understanding your problem then. Do all three children have a switch attribute listed in the current states? IF not, try turning each of the children on and off once from their edit device pages and see if that solves your dashboard issue.

The problem is that the dashboard switch on Client A does not turn on the associated relay on Client B. Amazon Echo Skill grabs the device from Client B and works. I can go to the device page on Server, hit sync, and it reflects the current state of the child device on Client A, and/or the hour glass on the dashboard goes away and the child device comes on/off as requested by "hitting the switch" on the dashboard.

Basically the problem is:
Requires manual intervention to operate the device from Client A.
(have to sync the child device from the Server Device Page)

Are you seeing anything in the live logs? Seems weird that this one type of device would give trouble while your other devices are working fine.

Every time?
You didn't answer my question though....when you go into the child device on the hub the device is connected to, what do you see?