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I am attempting to set up HubConnect to link my Hubitat with a Smartthings hub that I recently bought. I'm: pretty new to working with Smartthings. I have loaded the two apps and one driver on my Hubitat and loaded the app on Smartthings. After a few installation attempts, I am encountering a couple issues:

  1. I am getting "Not Connected ::" when I click "Connect to Server Hub" during the Smartthings client part of the process.
  2. I have not figured out how to install a Smart App from the developer IDE. I can do it with my phone, but that will be an issue when it is time to copy the code which is on my PC.

Unless itโ€™s changed significantly from when I was using the old ST app, the IDE is kind of like where you load the app and driver code on HE. Thatโ€™s where the code goes, but you install from the App section or Driver section, respectively. On ST, that is the mobile app.

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The IDE looks like:

You click on My SmartApps to add HubConnect Remote Client for SmartThings and you then click on My Device Handlers to add the HubConnect Remote Hub.

Then, using the Classic App, click: MarketPlace:SmartApps:My Apps: HubConnect... save.

That's the step that installs the App(s).

Then Automation: HubConnect and set the Key.

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Hubconnect installation is not the simplest (at least in its current version, canโ€™t wait to see what v2 is like), but if you follow all the steps in the documentation closely it should work just fine:

I was attempting to use the new Smartthings App. When I used the classic app, it worked. (Well, at least I got past the step that I was blocked on before. I haven't finished yet.)
My wife, who has been an apple phone user for much longer than I have, showed me how to cut and paste from an email message on my iPhone.

HubConnect v1.6.4 is Classic App Only.

v2.0 adds ST's new App support.

I use Notes on both a Mac and an iPhone to transfer the Key. But certainly there are other methods. :smiley:

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