HubConnect: moving things?

Second hub installed, HubConnect installed, everything working great. :grin:

Now: how do I move things from one hub to another? Is there a way to migrate rules? Is there a way to migrate my Lutron stuff without breaking every existing rule?

(I won't even ask about Zigbee/Z-Wave - I'm hoping to leave them where they are and move everything else away.)


Nope to all of that.

Lutron Integration is down right phenomenal. Go ahead and add it to BOTH hubs. I only have Picos but I added each Pico to the new Hub and I can see the button pushes on both hubs. That makes migrating a rule at least one step easier. :slight_smile:

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You are not using Hubconnect for Lutron integration are you? Just use the official HE Lutron app on both hubs.

Correct. Lutron installed on each hub, nothing related to HubConnect

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