Hubconnect - iPhone on ST Hub is showing Presence as null on HE Hub

My wife's iPhone was working previously as a presence sensor as I use both her phone and mine as presence sensors on ST hub to set Home/Away for my HVAC only. The phones on the HE hub control setting the mode to Home & Away in a much smaller geofence.

I am not sure exactly when it happened but my wife's iPhone shows the presence as null on the HE Hub. I have deleted and re-added her phone to the ST hub and removed and re-added her iPhone to sync from ST hub to HE hub with no luck. Any one else have similar issues with a phone presence sensor or something else across HubConnect?

Other than the presence sensor, the only other things I have on my ST hub are some Smart Life plugs and my Ring Doorbell (which unfortunately bricked yesterday in an unrelated issue). The plugs are syncing fine.

Bumping. I have the newest version of HubConnect for both. i have now completely removed both the HE and SmartThings apps from wife's iPhone, re-installed, confirmed that both apps always have permissions for location all the time and still NOTHING!!! I still get a null for presence attribute in HE yet SmartThings app shows her as present. My android phone works great. UGH!!! So frustrating since it worked previously.

Just add this to the list of why I am pro-PC and pro-Android. EVIL APPLE!!!! haha

My iPhone is showing Present on ST and the 'mirrored' device on my coordinator matches. Unfortunately, due to removing the whole ST connection last night to help on another thread, I now have no history left to inspect :frowning:

[RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

I'll presumably leave home and return sometime today :slight_smile: and that will give me some history.

@stephen_nutt - It looks like am having the exact issue. My iphone 7 shows my status correctly and updates properly, but my wife's iphone does not. Have checked permissions to verify that they are set correctly and they are. I have noticed that sometimes she gets logged off so I guess this might have something to do with it. At first I thought that since I had her using the same login as mine, that maybe it was auto-logging her off the app whenever I logged in, so I created new user for her, but that has not fixed the issue.

I gave up. I installed Locative on wife's iPhone for small geofence and Alexa's geofence for the larger one. So far, that is working.