HubConnect hubless install?

Hi - I know you can use HubConnect to migrate from ST to HE, but what if you want to use HubConnect for a cloud integration (i.e. Honeywell TCC) AND you've already gotten rid of your ST hub?

Can you install and configure without an ST Hub? I've tried to do this but when I give the HE server IP and key in the ST Classic app it bombs.

@srwhite has discussed this previously; HubConnect is written by design to require a physical ST hub for setup. The ST hub can be disconnected after setup (mine is my attic!).


You could also just connect directly to your TCC Thermostat rather than go through ST.

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Sorry for asking again- looked through old threads but didnt find anything definitive

Thanks !

Yeah I've got that now, but even with reduced update intervals it fails authentication quite a bit...also once or twice their api has changed and broken the app...lots of other threads on the topic suggested looking at hubconnect since the smartthings integration is 'official' now

In HubConnect v2 (currently in public testing) it will be possible to set up a SmartThings remote, without even having a hub connected.


Is this possible? All instructions I have seen suggest that a ST hub is required.
I only want to port over my Samsung TV but this appears to be the best way.. I just don't have a ST hub anymore.

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As long as the entire flow is via the ST Cloud it will work. If it uses the ST Hub to talk to the TV, then no.

Same with ST Zwave, the decision is made in the cloud but eventually the ZWave device has to be told by the ST hub to do something.


How do I locate the ST (cloud) hub?
When connecting from the HE Server app, it requires local IP:

No new hubs were located on the local network. Manual configuration is required.
Private LAN IP Address of Client Hub:

I thought that you needed it for the setup, but could unplug it afterwards. With SmartThings shutting down the Ide, it probably would be short lived anyway. No way to know if there are any plans to jump through Samsung’s hoops to make this work after that happens until Steve gets back from camping. I wouldn’t count on it though, which is why my SmartThings hub is now shut down and disconnected from Hubitat.

I didn't know they were taking down the IDE.
So likely not practical for me to continue with installing Hubconnect, only for the control of (power status as minimal) my Samsung TV through Hubitat?

Will continue looking for alternative ways around this. Thanks

They are discussing taking down the ide sometime next year, but it is still a ways off (no dates provided). I just setup hub connect 2.0 in about an hour to get my arlo cameras and a couple other cloud devices into HE.