Hub version included in name for remote access

Hub version (C-5, C-7) shows in backups which is cool. So I named both my hubs “home”. Problem is both show as “Home” in remote hub access, as well as Hub mesh. Any way we could have some other identifying info? I could rename them back to Home C-5 and Home C-7, but then backups has the version twice. Lol.

Minor issue, just requesting feature. :slight_smile:

Why not simply name them based on their primary functionality?


  • Production
  • Development


  • Primary
  • Secondary


...or "Home-1" and "Home-2", which is essentially what I do.

I could do that. But the field that is used is called “Location”…

Yup. But then you have to remember and potentially rename if you replace the primary…

That field, to me, is just the name of each hub. Name them as you see fit.

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(Note. I’m playing a bit of devil’s advocate here. I know there are lots of options, I guess I’m mainly arguing for consistency in use of that field, or changing the name of the field away from “Location”). Or, have location, and a separate field “name”.

That’s totally what it is, the hub name. So maybe the request should instead be “Change field Location to Name”

Or, just keep it simple and use "Location" names like

  1. "Home-Upstairs"
  2. "Home-Downstairs"

Yup. In my case it’s C-7 is local only, and C-5 is all the cloud integrations.

So, location names like "Home-Local" and "Home-Cloud" would seem appropriate. Provides both the physical location and the purpose of the hub.