HUB variables w/o connectors work in dashboard 2.3.0?

Maybe I am doing something wrong, I can't get them to work. I can't get the variable I select in the choose variable list to appear in the dashboard's add tile variable type list. Always says no authorized variables. Also, why is choose variable list unsorted??????


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Quote: Notice about Rule Machine
There was a bug reported and fixed concerning triggers using Hub Variables. If you have any such rules, please open the Rule Machine parent app, and just hit Done. This will update those rules. If you don't do this, and had Variable triggers, they will disappear from your rules.

This variable is not a trigger for anything. I either don't understand the process (possible) or it doesn't work. Thanks for reply.

112 solved this issue and variable sort issue.

I do not see a way to change the color, if so, I doubt I will use them w/o connector and not attempted to in first place.

The lastest build fixes the hub variables displaying with "legacy" links but I'm still seeing an issue with the variable states updating without reloading the dashboard.

I have the same problem and was just working with Bravenel on a periodic scheduling fix in 112. My hub variable value does not refresh unless I refresh dashboard. Not sure if working as designed or an issue. Waiting to hear from Hubitat.

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