Hub Variables in Notifications App

I was excited to read that with firmware 2.3.4 the built in Notifications App supported hub variables. I have been unable to get hub variables to display properly in my notification messages. I am using the same code I use in one of my rules to send out the notification. The notification in my rule works fine and reports the correct value for the variables. The notification from the notification app are not accurate and seem to be the same all the time, as if it was pulling some default value instead. Not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong. Below is my notification code that I use in both the rule and notification app.

%date% %time% - Bathroom exhaust fan powered %value%: BathroomExhaustFanAutoOn(%BathroomExhaustFanAutoOn%), BathroomExhaustFanManualOn(%BathroomExhaustFanManualOn%), BathroomExhaustFanManualOff(%BathroomExhaustFanManualOff%),

Show a screenshot of the actual app setup page. And, turn on logging in the app.

I just tested this an it works exactly as expected.

I enabled logging but it did not seem to make a difference. Attached are screen shots from the app. I also attached a screen shot of the notification I received from my rule and the one received from the notification app. The one that says test notification is the one from the app and always reports the same variable values

Not sure what you're showing. Do the hub variables change values?

:man_facepalming:Well don't I feel stupid. This is a case of the classic ID-10T

It is working as intended. My rules and the variables are in the older rule machine. When the notification app came out I created new hub variables with the intention of re-writing my rules in the latest rule machine but I abandoned that when hub variables were not supported in the notification app. Once I saw it was now supported, I was so excited to try it out that i completely forgot I had not migrated my rules over. So yes the notification app is sending me static variable values because I have no rules that are changing

Thank you for the quick replies today and I do apologize for having you chase ghost bugs....haha.

@bravenel, I just implemented this in an app I wrote today, and while it works fine I thought I should note that the "Settings: Hub Variables" page is unaware that the variable is in use by the Notifications app, and therefore the notification I created for use by my app will not be notified if the variable is renamed.

OK, that appears to be missing from the app. Will get a fix in for that...